Floating Penas Blancas River The perfect adventure and nature trip from Arenal

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Penas Blancas Rafting Tour Class II - III

The Penas Blancas River offers two wonderful options to enjoy a Safari Float while enjoying the company of our professionally trained naturalists and guides. If you wish to take photos and use your binoculars to get a better look at the wildlife, you can get comfortable in one of our oar boats and allow the guide to peacefully navigate you down the river while pointing out wildlife and explaining the most interesting facts about the surrounding forests. If you would prefer a more solo experience, you can paddle in one of our touring kayaks so that you can get a bit more activity but still enjoy your surroundings in a tranquil manner.

Twilight Tour Description We have a second option called the Twilight Safari Deluxe where you can choose to float down this magical river during the most active time of the day for much of the wildlife in the area. As the sun sets and the darkness enters in, you may hear the sounds of the nocturnal mammals in the serenity of the jungle while sighting some of them with our state of the art lighting system.


75 U$ per person


4 hours


Daily from Arenal Morning, Afternoon and Sunset Departures


10km / 6 miles River time: From 2-1/2 to 3 hours - depending on water level.


All year


Photography service, gratuities for guides.

Not included

*Transfers outside the Manuel Antonio-Quepos area; photography service, gratuities for guides. * Transfers outside this area can be arranged with an additional charge.

What to bring

Swimsuit and / or shorts of a quick drying material; towel; sun screen (spf-15 or higher) complete change of clothes. Rubber soled shoes that stay on and can get wet. Strap on sandals, tennis shoes or similar. Flip flops are not an option.

Booking and policies

If reserved through a travel agent or hotel, a voucher must be presented before boarding. If reserved directly in our offices please provide invoice. In order to receive full refund for your cancellation you must cancel before 4 p.m. the day before trip departure. For groups (8+) cancellation must be made 3 days before the trip. Please be on time at your specified pickup hotel, no refunds for no-shows. No refunds if trips are cancelled due to high water or other natural causes that would endangered your safety.